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Friday 21st October 2016

Dementia Articles


Dementia link to sudden dizziness

12th October 2016

Scientists say people who experience frequent drops in blood pressure or dizziness when suddenly standing up are at risk of dementia.

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Patchy dementia care revealed

16th August 2016

A new dementia atlas reveals patchy dementia care across England.

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Hospitals must adapt for dementia patients

23rd June 2016

The RCN says hospitals must adapt to better support dementia patients.

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CCG ratings framework announced

5th April 2016

NHS England reveal details of new 'Ofsted style' CCG ratings regime.

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Dementia patients failed by care homes

8th March 2016

Research finds the needs of late stage dementia patients are not being met by care homes.

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Dementia awareness for over-40s

7th March 2016

Jeremy Hunt says people over 40 in England are to be given more information about dementia.

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Older people reduce dementia risk by using a computer

7th March 2016

Research suggests older people who use a computer at least once a week are less likely to develop memory and thinking problems.

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Simple steps could decrease risk of dementia

2nd March 2016

Six simple life changes could decrease risk of developing dementia say health chiefs.

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Healthy New Towns revealed

1st March 2016

Simon Stevens reveals 10 sites to be part of Healthy New Towns programme.

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Remote technology for dementia patients

22nd January 2016

NHS remote monitoring will mean dementia patients can stay at home.

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