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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Older People Articles


Rise in HIV cases in over-50s

27th September 2017

According to a new study there is an increasing number of older people being diagnosed with HIV across Europe.

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Vunerable older people left to struggle on their own

16th February 2017

Charity says hundreds of older people struggle to get by with little or no care in England because of cuts.

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Older people let down by current health and social care system

26th September 2016

Report published by the BMA shows health and social care for older is 'inadequate' and 'fragmented'.

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Delays in discharging older patients on time costing millions

31st May 2016

A report says the NHS is losing money by not discharging older patients on time.

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Older people reduce dementia risk by using a computer

7th March 2016

Research suggests older people who use a computer at least once a week are less likely to develop memory and thinking problems.

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Older people let down by NHS

28th January 2016

Health leaders suggest older people in need are being failed by the NHS in England.

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Brain training beneficial to adults

3rd November 2015

Study finds playing online games that give memory a workout are beneficial for older people.

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At least 30 minutes needed for carer visits

23rd September 2015

New guidance says carers should spend at least 30 minutes with older people in England.

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Physical activity cuts heart risk

20th February 2015

A study concludes every minute of exercise carried out by older adults can lower risk of heart attack.

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Low impact exercises for older people

6th August 2014

Six low-impact exercises to add to your routine.

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