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Sunday 27th May 2018

Falls Articles


Prevention of inpatient falls has improved

24th November 2017

The prevention of inpatient falls has improved in hospitals across England and Wales, but more must be done.

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Exercising could prevent elderly falls

10th November 2017

Study finds exercising regularly reduces risk of serious falls by 12% in people over 65.

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Physiotherapy could save NHS millions

2nd October 2014

CCGs urged to invest in preventative physiotherapy services which could prevent nearly 200,000 falls a year and save the NHS £275m.

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Blood pressure pills could do more harm than good

25th February 2014

Scientists find blood pressure pills could raise risk of fatal fall.

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Elderly exercise minimises fall injuries

31st October 2013

Study finds older people who participate in exercise programmes reduce risk of injury from falls.

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Elderly fear falls

31st October 2012

A survey suggests one fifth of elderly people are scared of falling if they leave their own homes.

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Magic carpet developed

12th September 2012

Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a carpet that can detect falls.

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Report calls to cut elderly falls

10th May 2012

NHS calls for a joined-up strategy to cut falls by the elderly.

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Elderly to have regular eye checks

21st June 2011

Call for elderly to have regular eye checks as a way of preventing falls.

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NHS badly manage elderly falls

18th May 2011

An audit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has found NHS hospitals are failing to provide adequate care for elderly.

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