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Thursday 24th May 2018

Gastroenterology Articles


Rotavirus vaccine reduces gastroenteritis hospitalisation

24th June 2011

Vaccination against rotavirus dramatically decreases gastroenteritis hospitalisation in children.

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Broccoli helps with gut problems

26th August 2010

Research suggests fibres found in broccoli and bananas may boost body's defences against stomach problems.

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Intestinal flora vary widely

13th April 2010

Diet and evolution play a large part in variations in microbiotic life in the human gut.

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Hypnotherapy eases IBS

18th March 2010

Gastroenterologist says hypnotherapy can help IBS sufferers.

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Man able to eat again thanks to 'smart pill'

11th January 2010

A man with chronic heartburn has been helped by the Bravo system.

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Leaks blamed for colitis

16th November 2009

UK research links genetic faults to ulcerative colitis.

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New roundworm treatment tested

11th August 2009

Chinese scientists are testing a potential new medicine to fight roundworms.

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Two people with E coli seriously ill

4th August 2009

A 3 year old and a 32 year old are 'seriously ill' in hospital after contracting the bacterial infection.

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Disparities in NHS bowel care found

23rd March 2009

An audit found an 'unacceptable' variation in services for inflammatory bowel disease in the UK.

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Groundbreaking research launches at the BSG annual meeting

26th February 2009

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