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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Breastfeeding Articles


Pupils should be taught about breastfeeding

2nd August 2017

Doctors say schoolchildren should be taught the importance of breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding could save the NHS millions

5th December 2014

Figures suggests the NHS could save millions if more women breastfed their babies.

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Post-natal depression cut by breastfeeding

20th August 2014

Study finds breastfeeding can halve the risk of post-natal depression.

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More help needed for babies with tongue tie

18th February 2014

A parenting charity says more help is needed for families with babies who have breastfeeding problems because of tongue tie.

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Vouchers to encourage new mums to breastfeed

12th November 2013

New mothers to be offered up to £200 in shopping vouchers.

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Breastfeeding can delay onset of breast cancer

16th August 2013

New study suggests breastfeeding can delay onset of breast cancer but only among women who breastfed for at least six months and were non-smokers.

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Breastfeeding up, but few persist

21st November 2012

More mums breastfeeding, but few stick to it, according to latest figures.

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Why mothers give up breastfeeding

5th June 2012

A study shows that around 85% of US women do not end up breastfeeding for as long as they intend to before giving birth.

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Breastfed babies are more irritable

12th January 2012

Research suggests breastfed babies are more irritable and cry more, but still insist 'breast is best'.

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Quarterly statistics released on breastfeeding and smoking

16th December 2011

The DH publish latest statistics on prevalance of breastfeeding and percentage of mothers smoking at delivery.

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