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Thursday 22nd August 2019

Liver Cancer Articles


Coffee can cut risk of liver cancer

16th November 2017

Scientists find drinking three to five cups of coffee a day reduces risk of liver cancer.

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Liver cancer drug not value for money

22nd August 2016

NICE says liver cancer drug available on the Cancer Drugs Fund, is not cost effective.

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Broccoli adds to its superfood credentials

9th March 2016

New research shows broccoli can protect against liver cancer.

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Reasons to have another coffee

1st October 2015

Research finds in favour of drinking coffee.

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One in five drug users not aware they have hepatitis C

6th November 2014

Public Health England says about 20% of drug users in England are unaware they have hepatitis C infections.

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Melanoma fifth most common cancer

24th June 2014

Statistics show malignant melanoma is now fifth most common cancer in England.

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England sees sharp rise in liver and skin cancer

20th June 2014

Figures show a sharp rise in the number of people diagnosed with skin and liver cancer in England.

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People with cirrhosis should be monitored for liver cancer

3rd April 2014

Monitoring people with cirrhosis means tumours are picked up earlier.

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US officials want to stamp out cigarette use

20th January 2014

Diabetes, colorectal and liver cancer among latest health woes linked to smoking.

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