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Sunday 27th May 2018

Surplus Articles


Imperial to record over £11m surplus

15th March 2013

Following significant efficiency savings Imperial are expected to record over £11m surplus this year.

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Surplus should be put back into NHS

25th March 2011

The government says the NHS is on course to have a £1.4bn surplus by end of financial year.

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£3m surplus at Coventry

28th February 2011

Coventry and Warwickshire Mental Health Trust has a surplus of over £3m so far this financial year.

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DH £5.5bn underspend lost

25th October 2010

Treasury confirms the Department of Health will not be given access to surpluses.

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DH urged to re-invest £1.7bn surplus

5th March 2009

RCN urges the DH to re-invest the £1.7 billion surplus it is predicting for the NHS.

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NHS efficiency savings targeted in pre-budget report

25th November 2008

Billions of pounds of extra efficiency savings are to be required from public sector organisations.

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Restrictions forced on NHS spending

13th November 2008

NHS organisations will be permitted to spend just £400m of their £1.7bn surplus.

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Large budget surplus for NHS

28th August 2008

Official estimates suggest the NHS is heading for an estimated surplus of £1.75bn.

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Job fear for specialist nurses

30th April 2008

A survey shows specialist nurses fear for their jobs even though the NHS budget has a large surplus.

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Large surplus for NHS

22nd November 2007

A massive deficit turns into a big surplus after a clampdown on spending in the NHS.

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