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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Care.data Articles


Care.data successor awaits government sign-off

24th August 2016

A new data service is being developed by the National Information Board.

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Care.data programme is being closed

7th July 2016

Ministers announce the closing of the Care.data programme.

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Care.data on hold

4th March 2015

NHS England's care.data is put on hold until after the May general election.

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'Opt-out by default' stance to care.data programme

3rd October 2014

GP practices can opt-out of the cara.data programme without breaching the Data Protection Act.

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CCGs to be chosen to pilot care.data

10th September 2014

Between two and four CCGs to be selected to begin pathfinder stage of care.data programme.

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Pilot phase of care.data overseen by Caldicott

3rd July 2014

NHS England has revealed the pilot phase of care.data programme will be subject to scrutiny by an independent panel.

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Care.data defended by NHS England

9th June 2014

NHS England defends controversial patient record-sharing programme.

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Trial of care.data at 500 GP practices

23rd April 2014

NHS England have announced up to 500 GP practices will pilot care.data beginning this autumn.

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NHS data-sharing rollout delayed

19th February 2014

NHS database rollout has been delayed by six month.

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NHS - the beginning of online health

12th February 2014

From April 2015, patients will have access to full GP records.

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