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Friday 20th April 2018

Chronic Disease Articles


Sitting boosts risk of chronic disease

26th February 2013

Researchers say sitting for several hours every day can increase a person's risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Non-alcoholic wine lowers blood pressure

10th September 2012

New study shows non-alcoholic red wine may be more effective at lowering blood pressure in men.

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Mid-life fitness could delay chronic disease

28th August 2012

Getting or staying fit at 50 can cut a person's chances of chronic disease at 65 and over.

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How stress can change your DNA

20th August 2012

German researchers show that stressful situations produce epigenetic chances that could be linked to risk for disease.

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Patients 'not being told benefits of exercise'

30th July 2012

Lack of teaching in medical schools is leading to patients not being told how exercise can help chronic disease.

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Chronic medical conditions affected by temperature

10th April 2012

Life expenctancy can be shortened even by 1 degree difference in temperature.

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Baby boomers at risk as hep C deaths rise

21st February 2012

Hepatitis C now kills more Americans than HIV, and its victims are mostly middle-aged.

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Therapy helps fibromyalgia teens

6th December 2011

Teenagers suffering from widespread chronic pain reported an improvement in well-being after learning management techniques.

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Green phlegm linked to bacterial infection

15th November 2011

The finding may give doctors a quick way to determine whether or not to prescribe antibiotics.

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Many in denial over obesity health risks

19th October 2011

Experts say people in the US appear to lack awareness of the health problems linked to obesity.

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