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Thursday 24th May 2018

Mind Articles


Mind launch five-year campaign

8th April 2016

One in two people with mental health problems feel suicidal say charity.

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Leave work at work, says mental health charity

28th August 2015

Mind has urged workers to switch off from work.

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Mental health patients travelling up to 79 miles

5th May 2015

A report finds some mental health patients are having to travel as far as 79 miles for a bed.

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Mind says mental health spending is too low

28th October 2014

According to Mind local authorities in England are spending low amounts on public mental health.

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Research call for mind-altering drugs

24th January 2012

Regulations should be relaxed to enable researchers to experiment with mind-altering drugs.

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Still in the red

15th December 2011

Update on debt and mental health.

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Drive - The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

11th October 2010

The key to high performance and satisfaction is intrinsic, internal motivation: the desire to follow your own interests and understand the benefits in them for you.

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Ecominds gives £1.25m boost to national eco-projects

14th September 2009

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Workers to get mental health support

24th August 2009

The government has pledged to extend the Access to Work fund from £69m to £138m by 2014.

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Mind helps pave the way for better mental health support at work

24th August 2009

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