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Tuesday 25th October 2016

Agency Staff Articles


NHS spending on agency midwives doubles

17th October 2016

The Royal College of Midwives has reported the NHS in England spent £25m on agency midwives last year.

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NHS hospitals breach new limits on agency workers

19th February 2016

Figures show nine in 10 NHS hospitals breach new rules on pay for agency doctors and nurses.

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Agency price cap working

29th January 2016

Data suggests breach of new pay caps fall by two-fifths in first six weeks of policy.

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Agency staff bill could hit £4bn this year

20th January 2016

National NHS leaders told MPs £4bn will be spent on bank and agency staff in 2015/16.

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Agency pay caps announced

24th November 2015

NHS England announce limits on hourly pay for agency staff.

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NHS to cap agency staff costs

13th October 2015

Over the next three years ministers aim to save the NHS £1bn on agency staff.

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Agency and contract staff costs shoot up

22nd July 2014

According to annual accounts, the cost of agency and contract staff in foundation trusts shot up by £300m last year.

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Agency staff overspend at trusts

25th February 2014

Monitor data shows an overspend by the foundation trust sector on agency staff in final three months of last year.

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