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Friday 28th April 2017

Suicide Articles


Women's mental health needs not being considered

26th September 2016

Campaigners warn, despite rise in female suicide, women's mental health needs are not being considered adequately.

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Record numbers calling Childline

8th September 2016

The NSPCC says Childline received an average of one call every 30 minutes from children with suicidal thoughts in the UK last year.

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Mind launch five-year campaign

8th April 2016

One in two people with mental health problems feel suicidal say charity.

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Moderate coffee drinking lower risk of heart disease

17th November 2015

Research suggests a daily coffee lowers risk of heart disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes or suicide.

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Suicide linked to bariatric surgery

9th October 2015

A study finds bariatric surgery may be linked to an increased risk of suicide.

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Medical students think about taking their own life

3rd September 2015

According to an online poll, one in seven UK medical students have thought about suicide.

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Women's social connectedness tied to suicide risk

30th July 2015

Women who were the most socially connected were 75% less likely, than the least-connected, to die by suicide.

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Male suicide rate has increased significantly

20th February 2015

Official figures show a significant increase in male suicides in the UK since 2007.

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Mental health patients die waiting for beds

28th November 2014

The BBC has learned, seven mental health patients have committed suicide whilst waiting for beds in England since 2012.

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Talk therapy reduces suicide risk

24th November 2014

A US study suggests suicide risk is reduced with talk therapy sessions.

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