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Thursday 24th May 2018

Memory Loss Articles


Ward off memory loss

20th December 2017

Nine ways to combat forgetfulness.

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Loss of memory could be revived

17th March 2016

Scientists find memories lost to Alzheimer's could be retrieved by shining a light on damaged brain cells.

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Memory problems linked to sleep apnoea

16th April 2015

Study suggests sleep apnoea can cause memory problems.

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Memory lapses may signal stroke risk

12th December 2014

Research suggests memory problems for people with a university education could mean they are at greater risk of stroke.

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Research into age-linked memory loss

3rd November 2014

Study suggests one possible reason for age-related memory loss could be due to brain networks.

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MRI could spot early signs of dementia

8th October 2014

Study suggests MRI scan could help predict which older adults are at risk of memory loss.

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Middle-aged drinking linked to memory loss

30th July 2014

Research suggests middle-aged drinking doubles risk of memory loss later on in life.

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Take the Alzheimer's test

28th February 2014

The 21-question test has been developed to try and distinguish between normal forgetfulness and more worrying memory lapses.

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