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Saturday 26th May 2018

Hospital Beds Articles


Hospital to set up Airbnb-style scheme

25th October 2017

Southend hospital to set up a pilot Airbnb-style scheme to free up NHS hospital beds.

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Pressure on NHS hospitals not easing

8th February 2017

The National Audit Office says social care fund is not reducing the pressure on hospital beds.

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Hospital bed shortage putting patients at risk

16th December 2016

Report suggests NHS hospitals in England are so full, patients are being put at risk of infection.

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Winter NHS beds warning

10th December 2015

Researchers say NHS in England will struggle this winter without more beds in care homes.

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UK lagging behind on health

6th May 2015

Analysis reveals UK lagging behind wealthier countries by having fewer doctors, nurses, hospital beds and crucial medical equipment.

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Think tank says thousands more hospital beds will be needed

7th October 2014

According to the Nuffield Trust the NHS will need around 17,000 more hospital beds by 2022.

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Patients sectioned to free up hospital beds

2nd June 2014

A survey of junior doctors has revealed the severity of pressure on mental health beds.

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Fewer beds in Britain than European counterparts

17th April 2014

The UK had three beds per 1,000 in 2011, according to research.

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