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Sunday 15th September 2019

Heart Disease Articles


Ways to lower risk of heart disease

4th January 2018

Eat more of certain types of food.

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Research suggests owning a dog is good for your health

5th December 2017

A Swedish study suggests owning a dog can reduce risk of heart disease.

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Eating cheese slashes risk of heart disease

1st December 2017

Research finds a daily portion of cheese reduces risk of heart disease by 14%.

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Add eggs to your diet to reduce risk of cancer

22nd November 2017

Research suggests risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease could be reduced by adding eggs to your diet.

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Obese risk heart disease even if medically healthy

15th August 2017

Experts are warning that people who are overweight or obese have an increased risk of heart disease even if they are 'fat but fit'.

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Live longer; cycle to work

20th April 2017

Scientists say cycling to can cut risk of cancer and heart disease.

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Millions of Brits physically inactive

3rd April 2017

Research by the British Heart Foundation shows more than 20 million people are physically inactive in the UK.

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Constant stress increases risk of heart attack

12th January 2017

Study suggests brain activity is key link to heart disease.

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Minimum recommended daily exercise should be increased

10th August 2016

New study found more exercise can drastically reduce person's risk of breast and bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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Damaging heart genes are inherited

2nd August 2016

Research finds congenital heart disease is often inherited from seemingly healthy parents.

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