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Monday 24th October 2016

Elderly Articles


Frail at risk from district nurses cuts

1st September 2016

A report suggests district nursing services in England is at 'breaking point'.

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Care homes could ease bed-blocking

1st March 2016

A report suggests care homes should be paid to look after patients otherwise trapped in hospitals.

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Vital care services still at risk

9th December 2015

Despite government attempts the care sector still remains at risk in England.

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Slow walking linked to Alzheimer's

3rd December 2015

French researchers say elderly people who slow down may be at greater risk of Alzheimer's.

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Dire outlook for elderly

17th November 2015

Report warns carer shortage set to top 1m.

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Worrying rise in skin cancers in pensioners

6th April 2015

Cancer Research UK suggests a boom in package holidays is to blame for the rise in skin cancers.

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Record number of flu hospitalisations

16th February 2015

US health officials report over 65s being hit the hardest by flu.

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Emergency care demand for elderly to rise

19th December 2014

Study suggests emergency care for elderly is likely to keep rising during the next five years.

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Inquiry launched into hospital deaths

10th December 2014

Inquiry launched into deaths of dozens of elderly patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire between 1988 and 2000.

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Elderly should drink more fluid

4th December 2014

Research says one in five older people in care homes don't drink enough fluid.

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