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Wednesday 18th October 2017

Philippines Articles


Measles outbreak in Philippines

11th February 2014

Measles outbreak in the Philippines has been related to 10 cases of infection in the UK.

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Philippines children receive vaccines

28th November 2013

Children in the hardest hit city have been vaccinated against measles and polio in the first phase of a mass campaign.

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Foreign medical teams deployed to Philippines

21st November 2013

WHO deploying foreign medical teams to damaged areas in central Philippines.

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Dads have lower testosterone

13th September 2011

Researchers have discovered testosterone levels go down after fatherhood.

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Taiwan sports drink scare prompts recall

31st May 2011

Problems are linked to an emulsifier tainted with phthalate, a form of plastic.

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Church and state in Philippines clash over sex and condoms

19th May 2011

A 13-year battle between church and state in the Philippines has come to a head.

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Philippines to back birth control

28th September 2010

President Aquino's announcement will draw protest from Catholic church leaders.

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Bishops slam condom campaign

23rd February 2010

Bishops in the Philippines have called for the resignation of the country's health minister after a contraceptive drive.

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Ebola in pigs 'new health threat'

20th July 2009

The discovery that pigs are a host for an Ebola-type virus has sparked fears of an emerging health threat.

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Ebola in the Philippines

2nd February 2009

Four human cases of the Ebola-Reston virus are reported.

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