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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Sierra Leone Articles


Sierra Leone declared Ebola free

9th November 2015

WHO have officially declared Sierra Leone is free of Ebola.

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Ebola nurse readmitted

12th October 2015

Scottish nurse, who was treated for Ebola, has been readmitted for specialist treatment.

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Ebola nurse will be critical for some time

9th January 2015

Family of Ebola nurse have said she could remain in critical condition for some time.

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Doctor with Ebola arrives in US for treatment

17th November 2014

A doctor from Sierra Leone infected with Ebola has arrived at a specialist hospital in Nebraska.

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Ebola centre in Sierra Leone

6th November 2014

An Ebola centre, British-run, is opening in Sierra Leone to treat people with the disease.

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Troops being sent to tackle Ebola

9th October 2014

The UK is sending 750 military to Sierra Leone to help with the Ebola outbreak.

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NHS staff asked to volunteer to fight Ebola

22nd September 2014

NHS staff have been asked to volunteer to treat Ebola victims.

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Ebola man treated in London hospital

26th August 2014

Briton who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone is being treated in a north-west London hospital.

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Sierra Leone declare public health emergency

1st August 2014

Ebola outbreak has already claimed 729 lives as WHO set to announce $100m emergency response.

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Borders closed in Ebola outbreak

29th July 2014

Liberia closes most border crossings in Ebola outbreak which is the world's deadliest so far.

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