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Sunday 4th December 2016

Sugar Tax Articles


One in 10 children overweight

11th October 2016

Study suggests more than one in 10 primary school children are overweight or obese.

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Tax on surgary drinks introduced

16th March 2016

Sugar tax will be introduced in two years.

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Pressure on to introduce a sugar tax

22nd February 2016

Campaigners say sugar tax could prevent nearly 4 million people becoming obese.

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Plans to introduce sugar tax could be axed

15th February 2016

Government set to reject proposals for sugar tax.

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Proposed 20% sugar tax

18th January 2016

NHS England to impose 'sugar tax' in hospitals and health centres.

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Sugar tax in Mexico

6th January 2016

According to research, introduction of sugar tax in Mexico has cut sales of sugary drinks by 12%.

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Sugary drinks tax backed by MPs

30th November 2015

MPs back call for tax on sugary drinks to tackle child obesity in England.

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Sugar tax on fizzy drinks

20th October 2015

Jamie Oliver urges ministers to be 'big and bold' by introducing sugar tax.

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Sugary drinks should have an extra tax

13th July 2015

The BMA says add an extra 20% tax on sugary drinks.

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Tax on sugary drinks

17th March 2015

The NHS could save £15m a year according to child health campaigners.

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