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Thursday 19th April 2018

H5n1 Articles


Bird flu found in Fife

12th January 2016

A mild strain of bird flu has been found on a farm in Fife confirms Scottish government.

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H5N1 claims life in Canada

9th January 2014

First North America H5N1 bird flu death has been confirmed by Canadian health officials.

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Bird flu could mutate to cause pandemic

26th June 2012

Scientists warn the H5N1 virus could change form and spread rapidly between humans.

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Hong Kong suspends poultry imports over bird flu

27th April 2012

Hong Kong suspended imports from Liaoning after confirmation of an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu.

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Bird flu studies to be published

3rd April 2012

A US bioethics panel approves the publication of two H5N1 studies using mutated forms of bird flu.

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Deadly bird flu research may be censored

21st February 2012

Experts have delayed a decision on whether H5N1 research should be released in full, with security officials citing a terrorism threat.

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Bird Flu Diary

24th January 2012

All the latest news on the spread of H5N1 and the progress being made to prevent a pandemic from around the world.

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Man dies of bird flu in southern China

24th January 2012

Authorities say no-one around him is showing symptoms of bird flu so far.

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China calls for calm after bird flu death

3rd January 2012

Beijing health officials say the virus was not transmitted from human to human, making it less likely to form a pandemic strain.

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Bird flu research row

21st December 2011

Fear over bird flu data being used by terrorists.

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