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Friday 25th May 2018

Child Mental Health Articles


Mental health support for children in care needs to speed up

6th November 2017

Support for children in care with mental health problems needs to be provided sooner.

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Children with mental health problems treated out of area

10th May 2017

Figures show an increase in children with severe mental health problems being admitted to hospitals outside their area.

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Children's Mental Health Week

8th February 2017

The Digital Lead at North East London Foundation Trust’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service looks at the importance of experience based co-design and service innovation.

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Child mental health money failing to make front-line

15th November 2016

New report suggests money earmarked to boost mental health provision for children is failing to make it to front-line services.

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Child mental health money 'missing'

8th March 2016

Experts say some mental health trusts in England have seen 'no significant investment'.

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Child mental health to get complete overhaul

17th March 2015

The government to give mental health services for children and young people in England an overhaul.

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Child mental health service must be priortised

20th February 2015

A leaked report says child mental health services in England must be prioritised more.

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Child mental health care pledge

19th February 2015

NHS say parents of children with mental health problems will get more say on their care in England.

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Wait for talking therapies to shorten

29th January 2015

Government pledges to shorten mental health wait times for adult and children.

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Better support for child mental health promised

19th January 2015

Plans to improve child mental health in England pledged by Labour if they win next general election.

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