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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Norman Lamb Articles


Could the NHS collapse within two years?

21st September 2015

Norman Lamb believes the NHS will collapse within two years unless the government gives it billions.

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Move to improve mental health care welcomed

14th November 2014

Norman Lamb has welcomed moves to improve mental health care by the police and the NHS.

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Norman Lamb backs assisted dying bill

17th July 2014

Norman Lamb is in favour of law change for assisted dying.

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NHS accused of 'shunting' mentally ill children

16th July 2014

Norman Lamb accuses NHS organisations of 'shunting' mentally ill children into specialist inpatient care.

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'Right to die' law change backed by public

15th July 2014

Poll finds almost three-quarters of Britons support a change in the right-to-die law.

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