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Saturday 10th December 2016

Fraud Articles


Former chief charged with fraud

27th May 2016

A former chief executive is facing three counts of fraud by abuse of position.

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Former head of leadership at NHS England convicted of fraud

11th January 2016

A former head of leadership has been convicted of fraud and jailed for nearly five years.

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Fraud costing NHS £5.7bn a year

24th September 2015

A report suggests the NHS England could be losing up to £5.7bn a year to fraud.

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NHS health card loophole found

10th August 2015

The Department of Health admits the NHS is potentially vulnerable to fraud.

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Anti-fraud unit to be established by the DH

25th July 2014

The Department of Health is planning to establish its own fraud investigation unit.

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GSK under criminal investigation

29th May 2014

GSK's commercial practices are under criminal investigation by the UK's Serious Fraud Office.

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Fraud costing NHS in the UK £5bn a year

24th March 2014

The former head of anti-fraud has said fraud is costing the NHS more than £5bn a year with a further £2bn due to financial errors.

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Trust loses money in email scam

6th February 2013

Rotherham NHS Trust has lost hundreds of thousands in what they say was a 'sophisticated' email fraud.

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Birmingham dentist stole £1.4m from NHS

19th October 2012

A dentist who stole £1.4million from the NHS by submitting over 7,000 false claims for payment has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

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EU health official resigns

17th October 2012

Top EU health official resigns over fraud inquiry.

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