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Friday 2nd December 2016

Cancer Articles


Cancer testing at breaking point

23rd November 2016

Charity says tests for cancer diagnosis are under threat as labs struggle.

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Cancer performance below target

11th November 2016

Performance data shows NHS providers continue to miss national cancer targets.

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Cancer patients face work discrimination

7th November 2016

Research finds almost one-fifth of cancer patients face discrimination from employers or work colleagues.

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NHS England to invest in equipment for treating cancer

25th October 2016

NHS to invest £130m to upgrade or replace key equipment for cancer treatment.

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Microsoft to put supercomputing to work on cancer research

21st September 2016

Microsoft joins IBM and Google in artificial intelligence initiatives targeting cancer.

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First face transplant patient dies

7th September 2016

French doctors confirm, the first face transplant patient has died from cancer.

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Pfizer to buy cancer drug firm

22nd August 2016

Pfizer confirm that it will buy US cancer drug firm, Medivation.

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Two drugs to be removed from Cancer Drugs Fund

18th August 2016

NICE is recommending two drugs are removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund because they are not cost effective.

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Hospitals failing bowel cancer patients

9th August 2016

New research suggests nearly a third of hospitals are failing to provide crucial screening for young patients diagnosed with bowel cancer.

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Lab-on-a-chip technology launched

5th August 2016

IBM have launched technology to spot cancer symptoms before they appear.

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