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Monday 20th November 2017

Cancer Articles


Thousands in England living with advanced cancer

8th November 2017

New research says thousands of people in England are surviving for several years after diagnosis.

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Potential signs of pancreatic cancer

1st November 2017

Charity says one in three adults ignore potential pancreatic cancer symptoms.

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An aspirin a day could halve risk of some deadly cancers

31st October 2017

Study finds taking a low dose of aspirin for at least six months can reduce chances by almost 50%.

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Nurse appointed to combat cancer myths

30th October 2017

Nurse is appointed by cancer charity to combat 'fake' cancer news online.

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Lung cancer warning

12th September 2017

Carrying too much fat around your middle can cause lung and gastrointestinal cancer.

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Cancer ops cancelled to meet financial targets

26th June 2017

A West Midlands trust cancelled cancer operations for three weeks in March to meet targets set by NHS Improvement.

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NHS gets its first proton beam

22nd June 2017

Proton beam therapy will enable the NHS to treat cancer patients.

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Brisk walk everyday could cut cancer risk

6th June 2017

Research suggests brisk walking may cut the risk of dying from cancer.

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Live longer; cycle to work

20th April 2017

Scientists say cycling to can cut risk of cancer and heart disease.

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New initiative cuts time it takes to diagnose cancer

11th April 2017

New initiative to be trialled in south Wales which cancer experts hope will significantly cut the time it takes to diagnose the disease.

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