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Thursday 24th May 2018

Fish Oil Articles


Fish oil improves brain health

13th February 2014

Recent research finds benefits of fish oil go beyond developing brains of the smallest people.

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Lower your stress levels

26th September 2012

Healthy foods to help lower your stress levels.

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Fish-oil supplements no good against dementia

13th June 2012

Study suggests taking fish-oil supplements to ward off dementia could be a waste of time.

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Daily fish oil does help keep brain young

28th February 2012

Scientists claim eating fish can help keep your brain young.

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Fish oils may block cancer drugs

13th September 2011

Researchers advise cancer patients not to take fish oil supplements.

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Fish oil reduces desire for alcohol

31st May 2011

New evidence suggests that omega 3 fatty acids could tackle alcohol abuse and binge drinking.

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Fish oil curbs cancer-linked weight loss

1st March 2011

Cancer patients who took large doses of fish oil lost less weight during a recent study.

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