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Monday 21st May 2018

Diagnostics Articles


Dog sniffs out C diff

14th December 2012

Researchers taught a beagle to sniff out C diff in stool samples and in infected patients.

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'e-Nose' breath test detects TB

27th November 2012

Scientists are developing a cheap and simple diagnostic test that can 'sniff out' tuberculosis.

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Cheap, paper-based test for liver damage

20th November 2012

The test will show doctors whether a patient's liver has been damaged, and help them to adjust treatment and medications.

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Cheap new test for lymphatic filariasis

6th November 2012

An international team of researchers has developed a simple but effective urine test to diagnose lymphatic filariasis.

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Egypt develops new hepatitis C test

3rd January 2012

The research team used gold nanoparticles to detect the presence of the virus, which is prevalent in the region.

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Chip could mean speedy HIV testing

20th September 2011

New microchip could enable testing from a single drop of blood within 15 minutes in remote regions of Africa.

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Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy - 4th Edition

8th June 2011

This Fourth Edition presents vital pathophysiology information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember, entertaining, and practical manner.

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New test could improve lupus diagnosis

16th May 2011

Swedish scientists are developing a blood-based test that could improve lives of people with lupus by detecting it at an early stage.

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DoH stop diagnostics contract

27th July 2007

The DoH has terminated a £257m diagnostic contract with Atos Healthcare over concerns.

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Diagnostic waiting times lower

3rd August 2006

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