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Monday 24th October 2016

Surgery Articles


One in ten dying after bowel surgery

30th June 2015

Audit across England and Wales finds too many patients are dying following emergency bowel surgery.

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Pioneering surgery saves bowels

16th March 2015

Technique developed to 'save' bowel when performing polyp removal surgery.

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Inpatient surgery transferred from Stafford

11th February 2015

Overnight inpatient stays have been transferred from Stafford to Royal Stoke University Hospital and Royal Wolverhampton Trust.

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Surgery restrictions for smokers and obese

4th December 2014

The NHS in Devon has said smokers and morbidly obese will be denied routine surgery unless they quit or lose weight.

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Patient surgery app created by Imperial

11th July 2014

Mobile app created to help patients prepare for surgery.

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Older people face age discrimination

4th July 2014

A new report suggests older people face discrimination when doctors decide whether or not to give them surgery.

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Woman woke at point of surgery

16th April 2014

A patient having an appendix removed awoke before surgery unable to tell NHS staff she was conscious.

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Google Glass may improve performance of surgical procedures

4th October 2013

Royal Philips and Accenture to study a demonstration that uses Google Glass for researching ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of performing surgical procedures.

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'Intelligent' knife developed to 'sniff' out cancer

18th July 2013

Scientists have developed an 'intelligent' knife that can sniff out tumours.

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Specialist ops delayed

25th January 2013

As part of a drive to save money, hospitals in England have been told to delay some specialist operations for Welsh patients.

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