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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Men Articles


Alzheimer's affects women more than men

23rd March 2016

Research suggests Alzheimer's affects women more than men at the same stage of the disease.

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Too much coffee can reduce a man's fertility

20th October 2014

A study finds too much coffee can reduce a man's ability to father children.

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Health risks of bike riding for men

22nd July 2014

Researchers suggest cyclists who ride more may face a higher risk of prostate cancer.

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Study says men and women are wired differently

5th December 2013

New study suggests Men and women's brains are 'wired differently'.

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Average height of men up 11cm

2nd September 2013

Experts have found the average height of men has risen by almost 11cm since 1870s.

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Men who have lots of brothers are more fertile

19th December 2012

A study has found men who have mostly brothers are more fertile.

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Biological clue to male baldness found

22nd March 2012

US scientists have pinpointed a protein that triggers hair loss.

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Less stressful men more attractive

16th September 2010

A study shows women are more attracted to laid back men.

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Boxing game to improve health

10th September 2010

Researchers using an exercise-based video game to improve health of men in Teeside.

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Men suffer less headaches than women

13th August 2010

Psychologists have found women experience chronic pain for longer, more intensely and more often than men.

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