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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Life Expectancy Articles


Exercise in your 40s

12th February 2016

Exercising in your 40s could stop brain shrinking according to a new study.

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Stress at work could take 33 years off life expectancy

30th October 2015

Research shows how much a stressful workplace could be shaving off life spans.

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Female life expectancy drops

7th April 2015

Female life expectancy has dropped significantly for the first time since 1995.

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Volunteering could improve your health

23rd August 2013

New study suggests volunteering could lengthen life.

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Modern medicine helping people live longer

15th March 2013

The NHS helps people extend their life but this has increased pressure on its services.

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Russia smoke ban part of bid to lengthen life

26th February 2013

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning smoking in public in Russia.

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Exercise your way to longer life

20th November 2012

Faster cyclists live longer, but even moderate amounts of exercise can extend life, according to two recent studies.

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Clue why women live longer than men

3rd August 2012

By studying fruit flies, scientists understand more about why women live longer.

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Sitting less can add years to life

10th July 2012

Scientists calculate spending less time sitting down can add an extra two years to our life expectancy.

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Chronic medical conditions affected by temperature

10th April 2012

Life expenctancy can be shortened even by 1 degree difference in temperature.

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