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Sunday 15th September 2019

Mortality Articles


Sharp rise in deaths linked to care cuts

17th February 2017

A study concludes mortality spike last year was likely to have been caused in funding cuts.

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Child mortality falls

9th September 2015

Report shows child mortality has fallen 50% since 1990.

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Trusts with high mortality rates identified

9th December 2013

Dr Foster identifies 13 trusts which have higher than expected mortality indicator scores.

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More needs to be done for people with mental health needs

26th November 2013

An experts calls for action on mental health 'mortality gap'.

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Child heart op suspension in Leeds

3rd April 2013

Child heart operations were halted last week at Leeds General Infirmary after data showed a high mortality rate.

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20,000 hospital deaths could have been prevented

18th March 2013

A government adviser has said hospital death warnings were ignored.

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Basildon issued warning by CQC

15th March 2013

Despite improvement Basildon have been issued a warning notice by the CQC.

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Mediterranean diet cuts heart death risk

26th February 2013

A Spanish study of high-risk individuals links the diet to a 30% reduction in heart attack, stroke and death.

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People are living longer, but are sicker

14th December 2012

Study reveals people around the world live longer but with higher levels of sickness.

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Childlessness linked to early death

7th December 2012

Involuntary childlessness may increase the likelihood of early death.

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