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Sunday 27th May 2018

Antibiotics Articles


One in five suffer adverse side effects from antibiotics

16th June 2017

Study finds one in five hospitalised patients experience adverse affects from prescribed antibiotics.

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Revisions made to antibiotics advice

8th June 2017

WHO implements big revisions to its advice on antibiotics.

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McDonald's under pressure to ban antibiotics

12th August 2016

Pressure put on McDonald's to impose a global ban on products from animals treated with antibiotics.

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GPs who dish out antibiotics to get warnings

19th February 2016

GPs who prescribe too many antibiotics will get written warnings.

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Rare steaks put diners at risk

8th December 2015

A government review warns rare steaks could put consumers at risk of superbugs.

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Colour-changing dressing to detect infection

16th November 2015

Scientists at Bath University say a dressing that changes colour when it detects infection could cut unnecessary use of antibiotics.

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Rapid tests to cut antiobiotic prescriptions

23rd October 2015

A report says rapid diagnostics tests are needed to help doctors know which patients need antibiotics.

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Antibiotic resistance 'worry'

16th October 2015

Report in The Lancet suggests a 30% fall in the effectiveness of antibiotics in the US.

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Call for antibiotic funding

14th May 2015

Call for a $2bn innovation fund into antibiotics.

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Blood test to cut antibiotics

19th March 2015

New blood test could help doctors see whether infection is bacterial or a virus.

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