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Monday 29th May 2017

Antibiotics Articles


McDonald's under pressure to ban antibiotics

12th August 2016

Pressure put on McDonald's to impose a global ban on products from animals treated with antibiotics.

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GPs who dish out antibiotics to get warnings

19th February 2016

GPs who prescribe too many antibiotics will get written warnings.

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Rare steaks put diners at risk

8th December 2015

A government review warns rare steaks could put consumers at risk of superbugs.

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Colour-changing dressing to detect infection

16th November 2015

Scientists at Bath University say a dressing that changes colour when it detects infection could cut unnecessary use of antibiotics.

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Rapid tests to cut antiobiotic prescriptions

23rd October 2015

A report says rapid diagnostics tests are needed to help doctors know which patients need antibiotics.

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Antibiotic resistance 'worry'

16th October 2015

Report in The Lancet suggests a 30% fall in the effectiveness of antibiotics in the US.

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Call for antibiotic funding

14th May 2015

Call for a $2bn innovation fund into antibiotics.

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Blood test to cut antibiotics

19th March 2015

New blood test could help doctors see whether infection is bacterial or a virus.

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Global fund needed to fight superbugs

5th February 2015

Review calls for a global fund to be created to speed development of much needed antibiotics to fight drug-resistant superbugs.

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Antibiotic use confusing

20th November 2014

Public Health England have published a survey which shows many patients are confused over what antibiotics are used for.

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