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Monday 23rd April 2018

Sugary Drinks Articles


NHS to ban sugary drinks

8th January 2018

Sugary drinks to be removed from NHS canteens, shops and vending machines.

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Sugary drinks to be limited in hospitals

21st April 2017

Retailers agree to cut proportion of sugary drinks sold in their hospital shops in England.

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Tescos to ban sugar-added drinks

27th July 2015

Tescos plan to ban sugar-added drinks from their stores, in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.

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Regular sugary drinks increases risk of diabetes

22nd July 2015

Researchers say regular sugary drinks whether overweight or slim increases chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Sugary drinks should have an extra tax

13th July 2015

The BMA says add an extra 20% tax on sugary drinks.

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New warning issued over sugary drinks

30th June 2015

Scientists claim sugary drinks kill 184,000 adults a year.

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Tax on sugary drinks

17th March 2015

The NHS could save £15m a year according to child health campaigners.

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Children still targeted by sugary drink marketers

19th November 2014

Even though fewer ads are now being seen children and teens are still the prime target for marketers through product placement and social media.

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