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Friday 25th May 2018

Disability Articles


Disability assessments vary hugely

26th January 2017

Research has revealed health professionals vary hugely in how they assess eligibility for disability benefits.

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A walk a day helps older adults keep mobile

29th May 2014

New study reveals daily walks can help keep disability at bay and improve quality of life for older adults.

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Too much sitting linked to disability

21st February 2014

New study finds too much sitting after 60 increases risk of disability.

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Depression is the second most common cause of disability

6th November 2013

Review of research shows depression is the second cause of disability worldwide.

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Benefit assessments 'unfair'

17th May 2013

Disability benefit assessments are 'unfair' says doctor.

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Carers to lose benefits

13th February 2013

New disability-claim rules could mean thousands of carers in England, Wales and Scotland could lose benefits.

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Are parents of ADHD children getting free Motability cars?

11th October 2011

The Mail claims to have unearthed figures that show thousands of parents of ADHD children are receiving taxpayer funded cars.

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Disability services: how is your council coping?

14th September 2011

Demos develop an interactive map.

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Support and aspiration: a new approach to special educational needs and disability

30th June 2011

Following the publication of this green paper, bids are now being sought from prospective green paper pathfinders.

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Higher living expense for stroke victims

25th November 2010

A poll has found one in three stroke patients face higher living expenses.

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