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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Public Articles


Findings of public perceptions of the NHS

2nd July 2015

The latest government survey sets out 12 key facts of public perceptions of the NHS and care.

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Public asked to stay away from hospitals

14th November 2014

Health leaders ask the public to go to pharmacists to ease the pressure on crowded hospitals.

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Suicide in young people

25th September 2014

Media has raised public awareness of suicide, but is this a good thing?

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Input required for updated NMC code

20th May 2014

Patients, public, nurses and midwives have been asked for their opinions on an updated NMC code.

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Telehealth awareness 'failing'

14th August 2013

Survey reveals nine out of 10 adults have never heard of telehealth.

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People believe hospitals put up with 'poor standards'

23rd April 2013

A national survey finds the majority of the public believe some hospitals 'tolerate poor standards'.

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Cure for cancer hunt

1st March 2013

General public to join hunt for cancer cure.

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Starbucks bows to public pressure

27th April 2012

Starbucks has removed crushed beetle food colouring after it came under fire when introduced in January.

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Public funds wasted on the rich

25th August 2010

Britain's welfare state is promoting 'shortage, profiteering and unfairness', says Simon Jenkins.

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Warning over drug trial patients

27th December 2007

Doctors warn patients may be left in the lurch after drug trials are completed.

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