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Thursday 22nd August 2019

Malaria Articles


Breath test for malaria

7th November 2017

American scientists say people with malaria give off a distinctive 'breath-print'.

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New Novartis drug to treat malaria

21st August 2017

Clinical trials of new antimalarial medicine launched.

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Malaria drugs fail

31st January 2017

Doctors say a key malaria treatment has failed for the first time in the UK.

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Malaria control improves

14th December 2016

Report reveals improvement in malaria control, but global progress still off-track.

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Global health funding for malaria

18th November 2016

WHO have confirmed the world's first malaria vaccine will be rolled out in pilot project.

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Scientists develop way to track malaria

4th November 2016

Doctors in Cambodia have developed a way to track the spread of malaria that cannot be treated.

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New compound stops malaria

8th September 2016

Scientists find a single, low dose of new compound stops malaria in animal studies.

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Human health threatened by fungal infection

5th July 2016

Scientists say fungal infections kill more people than malaria or breast cancer.

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WHO release a World Malaria Day report

25th April 2016

Ambition to eliminate malaria from at least 35 countries by 2030 could be achieved according to report released by WHO.

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Genetically modified mosquito can resist malaria

24th November 2015

US scientists say they have bread a mosquito that can resist the malaria infection.

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