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Sunday 27th May 2018

Mixed-sex Articles


Mixed-sex wards rising in England

31st January 2017

Statistics show a rise of almost 70% in England in the past year.

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Are waiting lists down?

12th October 2012

Are waiting lists, mixed wards and hospital infections down?

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Rise in patients on mixed wards

18th November 2011

Figures show a rise in patients on mixed-sex wards since ban last year.

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Record low on mixed-sex wards

19th August 2011

Finally a fall in number of patients put on mixed-sex wards, 15 years since Blair called for them to be abolished.

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Fewer patients staying in mixed sex accommodation

17th June 2011

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Fines for hospitals with mixed-sex wards

20th May 2011

More than four in ten hospitals forcing patients to be in mixed-sex wards are being fined at least £665,000.

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Statistical press notice: Mixed-sex accommodation breach data, April 2011

19th May 2011

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3/4 of women on mixed-sex mental health wards

6th April 2011

An official report find three-quarters of female mental health inpatients have to share wards with men.

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Hospitals to pay the price for mixed sex accommodation in the NHS

20th January 2011

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Mixed wards warning to hospitals

20th January 2011

New fining system to be introduced later this year.

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