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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Infectious Diseases Articles


Fund to fight malaria

23rd November 2015

The UK government to set up a £1bn fund to fight malaria and other infectious diseases.

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TB as deadly as HIV

29th October 2015

WHO says TB now ranks alongside HIV as world's most deadly infectious disease.

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Ebola nurse readmitted

12th October 2015

Scottish nurse, who was treated for Ebola, has been readmitted for specialist treatment.

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Ebola outbreak could already be out of control

31st July 2014

Ebola has already crossed the borders.

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TB to be eliminated in over 30 countries

4th July 2014

New framework revealed by the WHO targeting elimination of tuberculosis in countries with low levels of the disease.

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Measle outbreak

23rd June 2014

Measles are occurring in people who have had their vaccinations.

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Smartphones could spread the flu

28th January 2013

The virus can live for a few hours on the surface of a smartphone, which can't easily be disinfected.

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Flu hits children and elderly in US

22nd January 2013

This year's seasonal influenza has brought higher child mortality rates and sent more older people to hospital.

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Lack of funding threatens malaria battle

18th December 2012

The WHO says progress in fight against malaria could be reversed because funding levels are half what they should be.

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WHO says TB effort 'in real danger'

23rd October 2012

Latest figures from WHO show 8.7m new cases in 2011 of tuberculosis despite international effort to eliminate the disease.

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