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Sunday 28th May 2017

Depression Articles


Ketamine trial to beat depression

5th April 2017

Doctors call for use of ketamine to treat depression to be rolled out.

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Psoriatic arthritis risk linked to depression

24th February 2017

Researchers say people with psoriasis who develop depression are more likely to go on to suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

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Anxiety and depression from excess sweating

8th December 2016

Study suggests people who suffer with an excessive sweating condition also have a higher rate of anxiety and depression.

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Teen depression rising

15th November 2016

A new national survey reveals depression is on the rise especially among teens and young adults.

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Anti-inflammatories could help treat depression

20th October 2016

Anti-inflammatory drugs could be used in future to treat some cases of depression.

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Blood pressure meds could be linked to depression

12th October 2016

New study suggests some blood pressure drugs may boost risk of depression and bipolar disorder.

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Blood test developed for depression

7th June 2016

UK scientists have developed a blood test to help pick up depression.

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Depression prevented with online self-help

5th May 2016

Study finds a web-based self-help intervention helps people with some symptoms of depression.

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Ruby Wax discusses reducing mental health stigma

24th March 2016

Ruby Wax is a mental health campaigner after her struggles with depression.

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Virtual therapy may help with depression

15th February 2016

Research suggests new virtual reality therapy could help people with depression.

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