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Monday 26th August 2019

Depression Articles


New online therapy tool for depression

24th January 2018

A new online therapy tool for depression has been recommended by NICE.

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Insurers should be investigated over discrimination

22nd January 2018

UK government are being urged to investigate insurer discrimination against mentally ill.

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Ways to beat January blues

15th January 2018

Five ways to feel less glum on Blue Monday.

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Car share to drive away depression

12th January 2018

Like Minds ask why it can feel difficult to talk about depression.

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Depression and anxiety in pregnancy

3rd January 2018

According to a study by King's College London, a quarter of pregnant women suffer from mental health problems.

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Depression link between fathers and children

16th November 2017

Study suggests depression in fathers, as well as, mothers has an impact on teenagers.

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Understanding winter depression

30th October 2017

What makes people susceptible to seasonal affective disorder, and what are the best ways to treat it?

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Social media has impact on young people's mental health

25th September 2017

Social media distorting children's grasp on reality.

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Quarter of girls aged 14 have signs of depression

20th September 2017

UK researchers find a quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression.

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Depressed elderly being failed by the NHS

6th June 2017

Experts warn elderly patients with mental health problems are facing discrimination by the NHS.

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