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Sunday 19th November 2017

Stillbirths Articles


New action to cut stillbirths

21st March 2016

NHS England has published new guidance aiming to cut stillbirth rates.

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Stillbirths could be reduced with better care

19th November 2015

An investigation into stillbirths finds hospitals are missing key opportunities to save hundreds of babies in the UK.

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Stillbirth linked to c-section

3rd July 2014

Researchers say there is a 14% more likely chance of a stillbirth if a woman has a c-section.

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Scotland's stillbirth rate 'poor'

9th October 2013

Scotland's leading maternity doctor says more must be done to tackle poor stillbirth rates.

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Older women should have option to be induced early

1st February 2013

Experts say inducing women over 40 at 39 weeks could prevent 17 stillbirths a year.

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More help for women with postnatal depression

17th May 2012

The government has pledged more help for women who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a baby.

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Repeat C-sections 'safer'

14th March 2012

Studies suggest risk of stillbirth was lower in women with planned C-section rather than a natural labour.

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Stillbirth rate lowest on record

1st February 2012

A health watchdog has revealed number of stillbirths in Scotland fell to lowest record in 2010.

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Hospital investigates stillbirths

1st December 2011

Hospital in Norfolk calls in outside experts to investigate rise in stillbirths.

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Swine flu linked to stillbirth

19th October 2011

A new study suggests swine flu linked to stillbirths in mothers who contracted the virus.

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