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Sunday 24th June 2018

Gender Articles


Child gender identity referrals rise

12th February 2016

Figures show a huge rise in children being referred with gender identity issues.

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MS gender gap found

9th May 2014

Study suggests a key difference in brains of male and female multiple sclerosis patients may explain gender gap.

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Study says men and women are wired differently

5th December 2013

New study suggests Men and women's brains are 'wired differently'.

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Women fly to US to choose their baby's gender

29th August 2012

Women flying to the US for gender selection as it is illegal in the UK.

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Gender-bending chemical found in tin cans

17th August 2012

Research suggests chemical 'can cause fatal clogging of arteries'.

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Gender-based abortion investigated

23rd February 2012

The DH has launched an investigation into allegations of gender-based abortion.

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Little boy diagnosed with gender disorder

21st February 2012

At the age of three Zach told his mother he thought he was a girl.

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Taiwan warning over selective abortions

18th May 2011

The government says it will strike-off any doctor performing a selective abortion of a female foetus.

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China bans gender test website

16th November 2010

The authorities have closed down a website selling test kits amid fears over the sex ratio of newborns.

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Better treatment for young with gender identity disorder

3rd August 2010

There are fears that young people are buying hormones online to try and alter their sex.

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