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Sunday 27th May 2018

Unicef Articles


Child mortality falls

9th September 2015

Report shows child mortality has fallen 50% since 1990.

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Outbreak of Ebola in Guinea

24th March 2014

The UN warns the deadly Ebola virus has reached Guinea capital.

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Health workers killed in Pakistan

19th December 2012

WHO and UNICEF have condemned attacks that have killed six health workers in Pakistan.

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Child vaccine are best value for money

28th September 2010

Call for more funding for child vaccines in the developing world.

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Still much to do on child health

10th December 2007

Unicef says more must be done to make the world fit for children by 2015.

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Pureed food for babies harmful?

18th June 2007

A leading childcare expert warns feeding babies on pureed food is unnecessary and could be harmful.

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Breastfeeding? Fine - just don't do it here

24th November 2006

Could policy and social attitudes make a difference to breast feeding in this country?

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Essential medicines for children

15th August 2006

WHO and the UNICEF launch plan to boost essential medicine for children.

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UNICEF reports undernutrition

21st July 2006

More than 42 per cent of Comorian children age five and under suffer from chronic malnutrition.

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Cholera outbreak in Darfur

21st July 2006

The spread of cholera to Sudan’s Darfur region has raised alarm.

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