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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Diet Articles


MP apologises for 'offensive' comments on diabetes

9th November 2015

An MP has apologised for his comments on diabetes after constituents in Cornwall complained.

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Could fish ward off depression?

11th September 2015

Research suggests a fish diet may help protect against depression.

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Gluten-free foods on prescription

3rd September 2015

The British Dietetic Association says gluten-free foods should continue to be prescribed on NHS.

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Are you helping your diet?

21st August 2015

Researchers find walking during a diet may not be a good thing.

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Nutrition builds stronger bones

2nd July 2015

Build stronger bones by keeping key nutrients in mind when planning meals.

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Foods that fight inflammation

1st July 2015

Some natural ways to help reduce chronic inflammation.

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Can we stop worrying about bacon?

28th May 2015

Doctors moving away from warnings about saturated fat and cholesterol.

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Two week diet swap experiment reveals junk food harm

29th April 2015

Researchers conducted a two week diet swap with 20 volunteers in the US.

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Tired all the time?

9th February 2015

The trick is to find out why you might be tired.

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Improve your diet easily

15th December 2014

How to eat more healthily and still enjoy meals.

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