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Sunday 21st July 2019

Diet Articles


All diets have similar results

3rd September 2014

Researchers say all diets have similar results providing people stick to one.

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Diabetes-friendly meals

15th August 2014

Some tips on food that can help manage type-2 diabetes.

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Could polar bears hold key to solving obesity crisis?

9th May 2014

Understanding a polar bear's DNA could help the fight against obesity.

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People struggle to afford to eat healthily

23rd April 2014

Charity warns high food prices mean a third of UK adults struggle to afford healthy food.

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Dietary salt intake linked to drop in CVD deaths

16th April 2014

BMJ Open has published research saying 15% fall in salt intake in England over the past decade is likely to have had a role in 40% drop in CVD deaths.

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Elderly nutrition can have 'dramatic impact'

17th March 2014

The 17th-23rd of March marks Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week.

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Vow to cut sugar in food

9th January 2014

Acting on Sugar group set up to tackle added sugar in food and soft drinks in effort to tackle obesity in the UK.

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Eat slowly, consume less calories

9th January 2014

New study suggests eating slowly will help people consume fewer calories over the course of a meal.

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Fad diets a waste of money

7th January 2014

The NHS warns slimmers to stop wasting their money on New Year fad diets.

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Diet could ease asthma

6th January 2014

According to animal studies altering diet may ease asthma symptoms.

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