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Monday 26th June 2017

Contraception Articles


Coil more effective than morning-after pill

9th September 2016

New guidance says women should be advised that a coil is more effective than morning-after pill for emergency contraception.

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Morning-after pill use rising

19th February 2013

Report says the number of US women using the morning-after pill has significantly risen in last decade.

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Contraception restrictions could cost NHS billions

6th February 2013

Report says sexual health cuts could cost the NHS £125 billion in less than 10 years.

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IUDs becoming popular

19th October 2012

Government report says long-acting intrauterine devices are increasing as form of birth control.

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'Five-day-after' pill to be sold at chemists

19th October 2012

A pill to prevent pregnancy five days after sex to be made available without prescription.

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Long-term birth control 'best for teens'

25th September 2012

Doctors say that intra-uterine devices and hormonal implants are the best way to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancies.

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Long-term contraception more effective

25th May 2012

US research finds long-term contraception is more effective than the pill.

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Women with HIV save to use hormonal contraception

20th February 2012

WHO has concluded women living with or at risk of HIV can safely use hormonal contraceptives.

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US mandates birth control subsidies

7th February 2012

Religious institutions in the United States will be required to subsidise birth control programmes.

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Ultrasound to testicles 'can stop sperm'

31st January 2012

A study on rats suggests a dose of ultrasound to the testicles can stop the production of sperm.

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