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Sunday 21st July 2019

Obstetrics Articles


Flu in pregnancy linked to infant autism

13th November 2012

Researchers in Denmark say there is an increased risk of autism for infants whose mothers had influenza while pregnant.

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Maize bred to fight vitamin A blindness

4th September 2012

Nigeria has released fortified maize hybrids for use in agriculture, to help tackle widespread vitamin A deficiency among women and young children.

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Warning over premature births

8th May 2012

A global project says that while 15 million babies are born premature every year, many of their deaths are preventable.

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Vitamin D helps child language development

14th February 2012

Low levels of vitamin D in pregnancy can affect the way the child's language develops, an Australian study shows.

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C-sections not to blame for fat children

30th January 2012

Children born by Caesarean section are not more likely to become obese.

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Premature babies prone to infection

13th December 2011

Infants born earlier have fewer helpful intestinal bacteria and more viruses than full-term babies.

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IVF babies have lower birth weights

1st November 2011

Researchers say that underlying fertility problems could be linked to low birth weights and smaller babies.

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Newborn deaths in China halved

19th September 2011

A study published in the The Lancet shows encouraging women to give birth in hospital in China has cut newborn deaths.

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New mothers at risk overnight

4th January 2011

A specialist has said pregnant women who give birth overnight are more likely to receive inferior treatment.

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Expectant Parents to Rate Maternity Services Online

3rd December 2010

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