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Sunday 20th May 2018

Zika Articles


Zika emergency over

12th May 2017

A sharp decrease in cases of the Zika virus in Brazil.

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First sexually transmitted Zika virus in UK

30th November 2016

Authorities in the UK have reported the first likely case of sexually transmitted Zika.

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Scientists plan to release army of modified mosquitoes

26th October 2016

Modified mosquito army set to be released in Zika fight.

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Mystery of Zika spread unlocked

24th October 2016

Researchers have discovered how Zika spreads in human cells.

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Zika mosquito eggs found in UK

20th October 2016

Asian tiger mosquito eggs have been discovered in Stanford near Folkestone.

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Oral vaccine against Zika to be produced

14th September 2016

Prokarium to develop an oral vaccine to tackle the Zika virus infection.

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Two billion at risk of Zika in Africa and Asia

2nd September 2016

Scientists say more than two billion people could be at risk of Zika.

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Another way Zika can harm babies found

31st August 2016

New report suggests close to 6% of babies may also experience hearing loss.

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Travel warnings issued for Singapore

30th August 2016

Australia, Taiwan and South Korea are advising pregnant women to avoid travel to Singapore after an outbreak of the Zika virus.

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Zika remains in sperm for six months

15th August 2016

The Zika virus has been found in sperm six months after first symptoms.

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