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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Patients Articles


Ambulance patients face long A&E waits

18th October 2016

Figures for England show thousands of patients face long delays before being seen by A&E staff.

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Average Brit waits a year before visiting GP

9th July 2013

Study shows patients wait a year before visiting a healthcare professional.

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Hospitals losing patients

24th April 2013

Nurses say patients are getting lost in hospitals because they are constantly switched from ward to ward.

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Measures to safeguard patients in Europe

4th February 2013

Measures to safeguard patients in Europe announced.

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Four patients a day die from hunger

23rd January 2012

New figures suggest four patients a day die from hunger or thirst in hospital.

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Publication of GP practice data

8th December 2011

GP practice data available to enable individuals to make informed choices and decisions.

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Long-term jobless to be told to find work

1st November 2011

New guidance for GPs after government response to GMC consultation.

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All patients should have access to clinically effective treatments and services

9th September 2011

The CCG has published six documents setting out their vision for the future of cancer services.

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Healthy staff, better care for patients

29th July 2011

Realignment of Occupational Health Services to the NHS in England.

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Keeping patients safe when they transfer between care providers

14th July 2011

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