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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Gene Articles


Prostate cancer gene discovered

8th July 2016

Scientists discover gene which increases risk of prostate cancer.

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Grey hair gene discovered

2nd March 2016

Scientists say they have discovered a gene responsible for grey hair.

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Thousands of women carry ovarian cancer gene

19th January 2016

Thousands of women unknowingly carry the defective BRIP1 gene.

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Scientists identify link between genes and skin cancer

31st March 2014

Scientists discover those with a certain gene mutation are most likely to be one of 12,000 a year who contract melanoma.

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Gene error discovered that delays puberty

25th March 2014

UK scientists say they have found a faulty 'delayed puberty' gene.

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Gene therapy for blindness

16th January 2014

Surgeons in Oxford use gene therapy to improve vision of six patients.

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Gene 'linked' to narcolepsy

8th January 2014

Gene linked to narcolepsy according to new study.

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Heart attacks linked to stress gene

19th December 2013

Dying from heart attack and heart disease linked to stress gene.

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Pioneering cancer gene testing announced

21st May 2013

Cancer risk gene testing is to start in London.

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Scientists find gene that makes women gain weight

15th May 2013

A study says scientists have discovered a gene that leads to women - but not men - to gain weight.

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