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Sunday 27th May 2018

Embryo Articles


Chemical surgery performed on embryos in world first

28th September 2017

Chinese researchers say chemical surgery has been performed on human embryos to remove disease.

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Stem cell surgery could cure age-related blindness

29th September 2015

Surgeons carry out first embryonic stem cell surgery aimed at reversing vision loss.

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Embryos' DNA should not be modified

1st May 2015

A leading figure in US research says modifying the DNA of embryos should not be funded.

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Freezing embryos debate

4th September 2012

Fertility doctors call for debate on whether embryos should be frozen before IVF.

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Stem cell retinal implants are safe

24th January 2012

Researchers say early results show that using embryonic stem cells to treat eye diseases are safe.

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Frozen embryo babies healthier

6th January 2012

Research suggests IVF babies born from frozen embryos are heavier and healthier.

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Cloning used to create embryonic stem cells

6th October 2011

Researchers say a form of cloning has been used to create embryonic stem cells in humans.

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Embryo error at high profile fertility clinic

18th July 2011

A Hong Kong fertility clinic has admitted implanting the wrong embryos into woman.

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Abortion clinics being picketed

26th October 2010

US-style anti-abortionists target British clinics.

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Test to pick healthiest embryo

12th October 2010

A new test could help infertile couples conceive in IVF breakthrough.

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