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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Colon Cancer Articles


Colon cancer rising in under 50s

24th May 2016

Overall colon cancer rates are declining, but figures show an 11% rise in rates among Americans under 50.

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Cancer sufferers are living longer than they were in the 1970s

29th April 2014

Half of cancer sufferers in England and Wales have life-expectancies of ten years or more.

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Obesity shortens colon cancer survival

11th April 2014

Study finds colon cancer patients who were obese before diagnosis could have increased risk of dying.

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New colon cancer screening shows promise

21st March 2014

Researchers report a new at-home stool test has more than 90% accuracy.

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Obesity increases risk of colon cancer in men

24th February 2014

Research suggests obesity increases likelihood of men developing colon cancer.

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Early colon cancer detection saves lives

6th November 2013

Around two-thirds of Americans aged 50 to 75 have undergone screening for colon cancer.

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Diagnoplex S.A. Closes a Financing Round led by Debiopharm Group(TM)

7th June 2013

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Pioneering cancer gene testing announced

21st May 2013

Cancer risk gene testing is to start in London.

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Colon cancer risk higher in women

1st May 2013

Researchers say women smokers are at higher risk of colon cancer.

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Big drop in colon cancer

24th October 2012

A new study suggests a big drop in colon cancer is due to wider use of colonoscopy.

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